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Willow View Farms

I am definitely noticing a shift in my time, my evenings getting filled with stuff with the kids, and my work schedule really having to shift in order to make that work. I really thought Pepper might play on her own while I got SOOOO much done during the day with the boys in school, but instead she is insistent we spend our days together, dancing, doing errands, and playing while I do my best to savor it all, but secretly thinking about everything I need to get done in playing on repeat in the back of my head. I know I’ll struggle when I’m in a quiet house by myself next year, so I really am saying yes to as much as I can while still running the house in a mediocre at best fashion.

Today I took an hour in the morning with Pepper, and met my sister at Willow view Farms and while it didn’t take away all of the frazzledness I felt today, being outside has always proven to help me feel refreshed. Grateful for these little moments that encourage me.

Freund Family

Jaydene is a local photographer and friend. She shot all of my birth's, and I got to shoot all of hers, and a few family sessions for her. Receiving her texts once she has seen her images will forever bring me to tears. She just gets it, she understands that the images will grow in meaning as time goes on, and she makes me feel so valued. So, here they are. Real moments, real memories. 

Voth Family

As I said in the first image I shared from the session,  I love capturing an entire family together. Years of love, and the result of time and effort are put before me, and it's the best love story to take in. I feel like extended family shoots should be a celebration of so much, and I think it truly is. 

Kletke family

I first met Jenn back in 2001 (I think?) when we both were attending Capernwray in England. I clearly remember the first time I saw here there and it was if I knew we would be life long friends. Though we live a province apart, we have been fortunate enough to see each other nearly every year. She has the kind of heart that makes you think about who you are, what you give, and you are left thinking "I want to be more like Jenn," She inspires, she is real, she loves bigger and better than most would ever dream. She looks at challenges as an opportunity to show more grace, love, joy and to give hope to others. All that she is runs deep through her amazing family, and I consider myself the luckiest to have captured such love in both images and a video session for them. It is truly humbling/amazing when a friend values your work, and I can't thank you enough Jenn for making me feel like I was giving you the most treasured of gifts when you hired me. We spend the day at their favorite place to get away, and then took at few photos at their home the next morning. Enjoy!

Klager Family

If love, laughter, humor, kittens, horses, dogs, luge helmuts,upright bass', pretty light and thunderstorm clouds aren't your thing, than you may want to avoid this lengthy blog post. This family welcomed me in (and being friends of my parents, had them and me and my kids over for dinner the next night, talk about a warm welcome!) and gave little instructions, but to capture them as they are. This session was a gift, and I'm putting up a slew of photos to prove it. 

Schulz Family

I feel so fortunate to have taken photos of this dear family. Cheryl is my cousin and they have been in Burundi serving for the past two years, and have now come home for a few months break. Their family exudes love and grace and she has taught me so much even while apart. Here are some images from our quick little session.