I'm Kyla,

I want to create art for your walls that tell your brilliant love story...

Willow View Farms

I am definitely noticing a shift in my time, my evenings getting filled with stuff with the kids, and my work schedule really having to shift in order to make that work. I really thought Pepper might play on her own while I got SOOOO much done during the day with the boys in school, but instead she is insistent we spend our days together, dancing, doing errands, and playing while I do my best to savor it all, but secretly thinking about everything I need to get done in playing on repeat in the back of my head. I know I’ll struggle when I’m in a quiet house by myself next year, so I really am saying yes to as much as I can while still running the house in a mediocre at best fashion.

Today I took an hour in the morning with Pepper, and met my sister at Willow view Farms and while it didn’t take away all of the frazzledness I felt today, being outside has always proven to help me feel refreshed. Grateful for these little moments that encourage me.