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Libolt Family

This session has been a year in the making and we finally made it happen! Since I'm not allowed to work in the states (which I'll be the first to admit is super frustrating with my job), they came to me, and we met at one my favorite places to shoot in White Rock. We essentially hung out for an hour, and I got to capture them doing what they do best, being together. After seeing some preview photos I received this text from them "Kyla, I can't begin to thank you enough. I am so excited by what I see already. Words can't describe how I feel....you captured us." This will forever be my goal. Everyone has a story worth telling. 

Freund Family

Jaydene is a local photographer and friend. She shot all of my birth's, and I got to shoot all of hers, and a few family sessions for her. Receiving her texts once she has seen her images will forever bring me to tears. She just gets it, she understands that the images will grow in meaning as time goes on, and she makes me feel so valued. So, here they are. Real moments, real memories. 

Amos Family

I'm going to guess that if you have followed my work for any amount of time, that you know this family. They have helped me so much in my business and this time let me take their images while I was being recorded on video, here is a hint, don't do this to people you love. It was actually one of the hardest sessions I've done (can I admit that)? And trying to teach and take pictures of an on the go family that knows me like a second mother, was not ideal conditions. But, they are done, there is love, there is life, and I can't help but love them because they all shine. A huge thank you to my sister and her family for making life that much sweeter, and for waiting for 2 months for me to finally finish editing your images....

Brar Family

My sister is a nurse and I'm pretty sure she tries to convince everyone on the ped's unit to hire me, and she's had pretty good success! (Thanks, Loni)! This is the 2nd time I've captured this family, and can I just say what an absolute treat it is to have them in front of my camera. Suman has made me feel like I am giving her the greatest gift of all time (I sure look at photography that way, but not everyone does). She gave me the go ahead to just do my thing, which makes me feel like breaking out in dance.Having a client that tells you what your images made them feel, is all I need to fall head over heels with my job. I'm figuring out that the more I expose of my heart, the more I get back in return. Feeling grateful for grateful clients. Also, I love this session.

Hall Family

If you are a photographer reading this or local, then you have most likely heard of Devon Hall. She has captured my family a handful of times, and I have had the honor of capturing her family a few times as well. 

Most people look at me with a confused look on their face when they see Devon and I supporting each other, as we could be seen as each other's competition, but I truthfully don't look at our relationship that way. I look at her as a friend, a mother, a talented business owner who is doing her own thing in a beautiful way. We both radically changed our business just over a year ago, and it has been so nice to call or text when we needed encouragement, or a kick in the butt to stay motivated to make this business work, enabling us to spend time with our own families and to give clients our best. I truthfully couldn't have made this year what it has been without her (and of course Dana Pugh's online business course...seriously, take it).

They ended off the session by remembering their sweet Libby by throwing some flowers in the River together (Devon's idea, with the same flowers they had at their wedding). An honor to be there for something so personal, and beautiful. 

Love you Devon. 

Kletke family

I first met Jenn back in 2001 (I think?) when we both were attending Capernwray in England. I clearly remember the first time I saw here there and it was if I knew we would be life long friends. Though we live a province apart, we have been fortunate enough to see each other nearly every year. She has the kind of heart that makes you think about who you are, what you give, and you are left thinking "I want to be more like Jenn," She inspires, she is real, she loves bigger and better than most would ever dream. She looks at challenges as an opportunity to show more grace, love, joy and to give hope to others. All that she is runs deep through her amazing family, and I consider myself the luckiest to have captured such love in both images and a video session for them. It is truly humbling/amazing when a friend values your work, and I can't thank you enough Jenn for making me feel like I was giving you the most treasured of gifts when you hired me. We spend the day at their favorite place to get away, and then took at few photos at their home the next morning. Enjoy!