I'm Kyla,

I want to create art for your walls that tell your brilliant love story...



This breakout will give you the stepping stones to capturing childhood as it happens right in front of you. Kyla will show you how to capture the essence of your children (or any children), what it is that engages kids, how she searches for light, and the essential points you need to know to take your photographs of your children to the next level. With a comprehensive shooting and editing video, you’ll go behind the scenes with Kyla for an in-depth look at how she creates beautiful images of her family, start to finish!


• How to engage your viewers and clients
• What to look for when capturing your own children (or any children)
• How to use light and think outside of the box to turn your photos into artwork
• What key things to look for when shooting your kids and client sessions
• Kyla’s go-to lenses and why she chooses them
• How photography encouraged Kyla as a mother
• How to make images that write a love letter to your children
• How Kyla chooses and edits her images



A beautiful PDF full of Kyla’s images, thoughts, and inspiration

A 35 minute video journey showing how Kyla captures her children, what she looks for with light, and how she gets her subjects to engage

A 1.5 hour editing video where Kyla shows you the straight out of camera images that she captured during the shooting video, and goes over how she chooses a photo (and why) and what she does to polish it.

Beautifully laid out printable file to remind you to shoot from the heart.

Bonus Interview with Summer Murdock

Q&A Video